PSG’s delicate position with Mbapp and Messi in the World Cup final

PSG’s delicate position with Mbapp and Messi in the World Cup final

AndHe psg It is the envy of any club in the world. In the World Cup final between Argentina Y France There will be representatives, so always win. Additionally, Clash of stars between Mbapp and MessiTwo guys make all the spotlights go to the Parque de los Principes.

According to I’m just kidding, at PSG they treat this issue with extreme caution and are careful in all their communications. One that extends depending on the outcome of the final, where there is only one winner and, therefore, one loser. Locally, from the club Emphasized a solid and clear idea: “It’s wonderful to have two finalists, But they are not in competition.”

Because according to the resultPSG channels They will relay what happened and can do it in two languages ​​of the winners. This way, everyone knows what to expect reaction What happens in Qatar from PSG.

“They don’t compete with each other”, they remember from PSG. While Mbapp or Messi is inevitable, only one will be king and with that status he will return to the club to play in the World Cup. And it will not be an easy and simple situation to manage. PSG President, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Qatar has now made it clear what his impossible ambition is at this World Cup. “If I could, I’d give them both the World Cup.”

The best thing that could have happened to PSG, with a dream finale, did happen, except for its two biggest stars. NeymarPresent at that party. It’s a contained joy because there will be a loser and they have to handle it in the best possible way because a failure would be a severe setback for one of their two world stars.

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