Adamari Lopez gets her eyebrows done, wow: Look how it turned out!

Adamari Lopez gets her eyebrows done, wow: Look how it turned out!

Ago Adamari Lopez Announces his separation from the dancer Tony Costa With a broken voice and trying to hold back tears, the beloved actress and host showed great integrity and did not share, at least in front of the cameras or on their webs, any other signs of weakness.

Maybe like the great professional that she is Enters the processionFrom the outside, however, she appears brighter than ever, with her slender figure, ever-smiling smile, and total commitment to her work and daughter.

Plus, despite her undoubtedly tough times, she didn’t overlook her beauty routine either: “It’s almost done, now I’ll show you the result,” she said, sharing what she looked like shortly before she finished. Eyebrow treatment. “Today I won’t do the color or dye, so I came by another day, but I have to show you how it looks like that eyebrow lamination”.

IG Adamari Lopez

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“Now yes, ready for the show,” said her stylist, who assured her that her eyes looked beautiful with her freshly made eyebrows.

IG Adamari Lopez

Next, Adamari showed off her little girl Alaa playing golf, while Tony Costa shared a super cute video where she got to see her Alaa prays to God for her family. His eyes are closed and his hands are connected in the form of a prayer.

the dancer too He can’t be stopped at work And her classes are in Zumba while she is still The wife turns to friends… Whether or not the couple will get over their differences this time around, only time will tell.

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