Adamari Lopez: How did he react when Tony Costa confirmed his relationship with Evelyn Beltran | US celebrities | nnda nnlt | Fame

Adamari Lopez: How did he react when Tony Costa confirmed his relationship with Evelyn Beltran |  US celebrities |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

As far as the relationship between And the It was a secret for several months, and confirmation of some parties was missing, which arrived twice last week. First, the Spaniard pointed out that all those rumors were true in an interview and then afterwards .

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At the time when the news was known, all the attention was focused on the new couple, but with the passage of days the interest arose in knowing the opinion of the former partner of the dancer, who haven’t said anything about it yet.

During the “Today” program of which Adamari is a part as host, the one born into it Puerto Rico Her classmates questioned her about the father of her daughter, so she had no other choice but to respond and open up to her fans who love her so much.

Adamari Lopez, Tony Costa and their daughter lived as a family until mid-2021, when they decided to end their relationship (Photo: Adamari López/Instagram).


Kiki Osales He was the one who asked the question Adamari Lopez. The driver wanted to know her condition and whether she actually knew about the partner of her daughter’s new father, to which she replied in the affirmative.

In addition, and with great sincerity, she confirmed that she wants to Tony Costa Be very happy in this new phase of your life because it will benefit you Alaa.

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“Of course, this is nothing new to me. It seems to me that what we have to do is always wish her a lot of happiness, and many good things, because everything we wish for those around us has repercussions, especially in my case with my daughter, and what I want is that be fine”The actress said on screens .

To break the small tension created by the television set, Osales asked Adamari Lopez if she was single and she answered yes.

Why won’t ADAMARI LÓPEZ come back again with TONI COSTA?

The actress who is remembered by Mexican productions explained that Breakup with Tony Costa It’s “definitive”, though he also confirmed that in no way does he intend to speak ill of who his partner has been since 2011.

Maybe the simple, everyday things that happen as a couple aren’t necessarily good And as a woman who should know how to give myself my respect and my position, that respect can only be given to me.”The translator said last year.

Lopez notes that the only thing that worries her after their breakup is her daughter and that she is convinced that the decision to break up responds to the need to avoid any mental health disturbance for her young daughter. .

Who is Evelyn Beltron?

She is a 28-year-old influencer who is known on social media as ‘picottaHis fame is mainly due to tik tokwhere he uploads exercises and dance routines.

As per her profiles, she is Mexican and lives in Texas. It is also important to note that she took part in some beauty pageants on American soil.

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Moreover, as well Tony CostaShe has a son named Timothyso through this aspect they will be able to understand each other perfectly.

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