“My Princess Is Growing Up”: Tony Costa Celebrates His Daughter Aloya’s Birthday With Soft Video

“My Princess Is Growing Up”: Tony Costa Celebrates His Daughter Aloya’s Birthday With Soft Video

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This March 4, AlayaLittle daughter Tony Costa And Adamari Lopez Turns sevenThat’s the reason Loving parents used their Instagram account very soon to celebrate Minor’s birthday with soft messages.

First it times Adamari Lopez, Through a series of postcards found wandering Surrounded by balloons and cakes, she celebrated her birthday

“I want to see you grow May God allow me to come with you for many years to be an accomplice, to create endless memories together, to travel, to play more, to hug and sleep, to hug endlessly, to kiss, to hold hands. Take yourself to sports training … I want to see every one of your dreams come true! The Telemundo host wrote below the pictures.

Adamari Lopez dedicates an emotional message to Alaya
Photo: adamarilopez

Tony Costa recalls his daughter Alia with an emotional video

Hours later, Tony Costa In the same way he shared a soft video in which he can be seen carrying in his arms அலையா Just one year old.

“Today my princess Alaiya is 7 years old. It’s getting bigger, in 2016 we celebrated his first birthday with his cousin #Nova. And Life gives me many years to celebrate, and I love you!!!!!!! ”, posted below the post.

Tony Costa celebrates Alia’s birthday
Photo: Instagram toni

Also through Instagram stories, The Spanish dancer shared with his supporters the details of the surprises he was preparing for his daughter Alaya On the Cancun beach.

Tony Costa celebrates the seven years of his daughter Alia
Photo: Catch Instagram Stories @toni

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