Adamari López reveals her true video preferences

Adamari López reveals her true video preferences

With a video she shared on her Instagram account recently, flirtatious and famous TV host Adamari Lopez To be next to his daughter Alia Reveal your preferences Before his followers, which could have surprised many Internet users.

Actress who participated in Successful TV series “Amigas y Rivales” along with Ludwika Paleta and Angélica Vale constantly shares content on their social networks, about iodine on Instagram where she often appears alongside her daughter Alaïa.

In the latest video that appears to be part of TikTok, she is seated at a table often called an island, from her lovely kitchen, Adamari Lopez He was carrying a huge plate with two pairs of flour churros on it.

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You may be wondering what churros are, they are very well known in Mexico and are a dough made of flour and eggs fried in oil strangely, it consists of a pastry bag with a star bang, once fried it is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Adamari López constantly shares the funniest videos | Instagram @adamarilopez

In his video there was a voice that interpreted him to perfection, as it seemed that they were advising him to eat lettuce, which apparently the beautiful actress did not like very much, and who apparently preferred the famous fried churros.

Perhaps this preference was confused by some Internet users, since Adamari is so skinny that it will be necessary to eat lettuce and other vegetables in salads and dishes with a lower fat content.

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It seems that Alaa has become her faithful companion in her mother’s videos, being together always looks impressive, and in the aforementioned video that was published a day ago with more than 171 thousand copies and nearly two thousand comments, it appears to be one of the most popular films to date.

user Adamari Lopez And her daughter Alaa tended to wear similar and even combined clothes, but this time it was not the case, each one was dressed in clothes that, although more casual and more comfortable, had their own style.

To many of his followers, it seemed more than amusing. Video Due to the fact that both mother and daughter are undoubtedly excellent actresses, Alla, who is also the daughter of Tony Costa, Lopez’s ex-husband, has proven to be an actress.

It was no surprise that Adamari’s little daughter soon became a celebrity as an actress, apparently having inherited her mother’s beauty and intelligence.

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