Adamari Lopez reveals how much she weighs and the pounds she still needs to lose

Adamari Lopez reveals how much she weighs and the pounds she still needs to lose

Puerto Rican Host, Adamari Lopez He surprised the world for almost a year with his remarkable new look due to his weight loss.

A few months after showing her big change, the actress was honest about how her overweight completely limited her working life.

“I know I’m plump, but I’m skinny and I do not understand how fat I look when I look at photos,” Puerto Rican said in an interview.Mollusk”.

“When I was already there அலையா I felt I could not do the same things I had done before, I had no energy, I always felt tired. All I wanted was for me to come in and lie down or eat until I was satisfied and I was not in the mood for anything else, ”said the Hoy Thea presenter. Telemundo.

“I did not say that, but I did not feel well,” he revealed.

In his conversation with the announcer, Adamari talked about how those extra books limited his career opportunities.

“Sometimes one sees them inviting skinny people to appear on stage, but not overweight people because it’s not aesthetically pleasing. As long as you’re plump, no matter how talented you are, chances are low. I do not know, if you are plump, you do not have the opportunity when you are skinny, that is, I controlled myself.

How much do you currently weigh?

The actress promises to be happy with her current figure, however she still wants to lose many pounds.

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“Now I’m 106 pounds, I want to reach 100, but those 6 pounds that I want to lose cost me,” said Lopez, who weighs 150 pounds.

Among the sacrifices he had to make to lose weight was cutting soda completely.

“I do not want to take it because I do not want to be where I used to be. Life is not about doing what you want, but about sacrificing to achieve things in life. There are many rewards in life, but it involves many sacrifices and saying ‘oh yes, he had surgery’. Very easy, but ‘oh yes, he sacrificed himself. Well, I sacrificed myself and gave up my favorite things,’ ‘he added.

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