After 6 months of delay, the hospital’s public spaces were opened – La Crónica del Quindío

After 6 months of delay, the hospital’s public spaces were opened – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Gustavo Ossa Garcia

The business was valued at $3,200 million and was suspended due to reasons such as the pandemic and a national strike.
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According to the mayor of Armenia, the national strike also delayed the completion of work.

after overcoming Nearly 6 months into the delay, his whereabouts with public spaces at San Juan de Dios Hospital have been switched on.

The building has an area of ​​2,400 square meters as a bus stop, with urban furniture areas, platforms with access stairs and aids for people with visual impairments, Work that is estimated to improve the flow of citizens and their access to the department’s main hospital center.

according to Jose Manuel Ríos Morales, Mayor of Armenia, This is one of three businesses that are part of the strategic public transport system, setp , which works.

“It is the payment of a historical debt with all the Armenians, for an intervention that was not completed, we know that there was no planning, in addition to the epidemic that caused the It was expected to be implemented within 6 months, but 4 has been suspended, not to mention difficult on the arrival of materials as a result of the national strike.”

The President emphasized that the renovated site contains an outdoor gym, reading space, access to public service vehicles and commercial spaces, Gardens and other furnishings for pedestrians, cyclists and users of the transport system.

for this part, James Castaño Herrera, Director of Amable, added that the space has waiting areas and mobile phone charging ports.

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“Today we present a complete work on the development of the city, and appreciate the patience of the neighbors, the reception of the Hospital of San Juan de Dios, as well as the residents themselves. Citizens and representatives of the transport unionThe official said.

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The delivery of works was attended by representatives of transport and the Minister of Transport, Angela Maria Orozco Gómez, who highlighted the delivery and start-up of the venue and He emphasized that compliance with business is a commitment of the President of the Republic, Ivan Duque Marquez.

“This is a show of resilience in the works, we know there have been delays. The national strike and the current pandemic have put the bets on the country’s infrastructure to the test. Today it is the sixth station in Armenia and one of the most complete“, He said.

He added: “This will benefit the lives of citizens, what we want are citizens with spaces designed in this way, where patients arrive. A symbolic place that needs protection and care,” he said.

The tunnel now has cameras

The pedestrian tunnel connecting Bolivar Avenue in this section of San Juan de Dios has also been rehabilitated and equipped with security cameras and viewing areas. Art and lighting galleries that are intended to provide a safe corridor in good and clean conditionFor patients and visitors to this health center.

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In the middle of the opening, the President of Armenia informed that the next work to be run, under Amable’s agenda, will be The road station is in the Puerto Espejo neighborhood in the south of the city; Later the vehicular bridge between the neighborhoods of Los Naranjos s Quindos, Interventions in which he admitted the delay.

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“The Los Naranjos bridge was a projected job for 6 months, but as a result of the epidemic, it has been suspended for 4 months, of which 2 months are from due to the national strike. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the month“.


As people gave their opinion of the new work, Julian David Serna Rave, highlighted the delivery of their whereabouts in the public space, But he demanded more commitment to business in different regions of Armenia.

There is certainly a contrast between the northern and southern routes. The lack of planning and action is noted, and one of the most telling cases is the bridge between Los Naranjos and Los Quindos, where citizens have the right to walk on roads in good condition, but unfortunately this did not happen“, He said.

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