After the preliminary match, these are the new nominees for Miss Universe 2021

After the preliminary match, these are the new nominees for Miss Universe 2021

On Sunday, the final of the Miss Universe 2021 competition will be held, which will have the peculiarity of being the 70th edition. Here we show you the main candidates for the coronation, after the preliminary competition that was held last Friday.

On that day, a traditional costume competition was also held, and the experts at the Mises took advantage of this space to see them in their swimwear and party, thus selecting their favorite candidates in a final way.

Miss Universe 2021 favorites:

Miss India – Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

The nominee is a celebrity in her country, and hate scholars are betting she is one of the leading candidates for Sunday’s coronation.

Miss Puerto Rico – Michelle Colon

Michelle Colon is the daughter of a Dominican mother. He considers himself an ecologist, and is affiliated with the Scuba Dogs Society. He is 21 years old and studies biology and medicine.

Miss Venezuela – Luis Matheran

Venezuela is clearly a favorite of Miss Universe, because of the number of queens she has. Luiseth Materán comes from the world of entertainment. She is a continuous and represented by profession.

Miss Mexico – Deborah Hallal

The Aztec post is poised to be crowned Miss Universe “to stay at home”, as the current queen is Andrea Mesa, who was crowned in May this year. If Hilal wins, Mexico’s fourth prize in this competition will be taken.

Other nominees: Colombia, Paraguay, USA, France, Vietnam, Belgium and Italy.

Big Night Surprise:

Debbie Afallo – Dominican Republic

After pre-elimination, some mission scholars entered the list of finalists for the representative of the Dominican Republic, Debbie Afallo. The daughter of an Israeli father, she stood out in the pre-elimination of the catwalk in a bathing suit and prom dress, according to experts, who hope the Creole beauty will enter the semi-finalists’ table.


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