Mental health critical in a pandemic: IMSS

Mental health critical in a pandemic: IMSS

Her health emergency Impact on mental health of the population cause stress, pain, anguish and despair, for which the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSs) It trained 11,605 workers to provide services at the three levels of care.

IMSS Director General Zoé Robledo emphasized that “mental health is an essential component of the pandemic response.” For this, the Comprehensive Mental Health Program 2021-2024.

The program has Three goalsRegulating mental health care and promotion at the three levels of care, expanding services to bridge the gap between supply and demand, and ensuring equitable access to social security treatments.

He said that after four months of implementing this mechanism, it became possible to provide quality care to those who need it, so 11,605 workers were trained through the online course on mental health strategy, and clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of the main disease. Psychiatric disorders in family medicine and psychology.

He noted that “attention was also paid to in the midst of the pandemic with the launch of digital mental health counseling in 55 medical units of the second-level hospital with staff in psychiatry and psychology and other tools such as medical guidance over the phone.”

Robledo confirmed that Social Security has 3,634 proven health promotion and disease prevention units through PrevenIMSS.

Additionally, in seven units, Beta tests Detection of mental disorders, through the application of the PHQ-TP tool that allows detecting any disease of this type.

The Director General of Social Insurance added that before Mental illness Resulting from the pandemic, Medical Benefits Administration, hospital administrators, highly specialized medical units (UMAE) and all IMSS formats have had this vision to highlight and address this issue.

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Robledo reaffirmed that IMSS enhances a comprehensive mental health program through measures such as Detecting disorders Remotely with online tools update, integrating screening for populations 20 and over into PrevenIMSS units and with signing agreements that translate into timely care for workers and their beneficiaries.

In its first edition, the International Conference on Mental Health had 52 speakers through 14 conferences, four symposia, four symposia, three round tables and discussion. 6,924 people registered, 1 million comments were registered in the networks and 63 thousand copies were made. In addition, an additional 48 thousand minutes were played for the event and 4 thousand 641 interactions.

For her part, Celida Duque Molina, Director of Medical Benefits, explained that the International Disease Management System (IMSS) is facing significant challenges due to the increase in mental illness associated with the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as the consequences of this disease whose symptoms may be associated with the disease. Poor mental health.

“We must carry out urgent action, information campaigns for the legitimate population, professionalization of health workers, training and national and international sectoral linkages,” he said.

Duque Molina confirmed that he contributes to Transforming health services for the Mexican people “and it is yet another example of change that the CEO has promoted through his great leadership.”

He said that within the framework of the International Conference on Mental Health, issues divided into three priority axes were addressed at the national and international levels: comprehensive mental health and primary care, mental health and the life course, and mental health and chronic diseases.

“We are advancing on the path to a health system with opportunity, quality, equity and accessibility in care, through collaborative work that breaks charts, adds talent and advances the vision of change for the benefit of communities,” added the Medical Benefits Manager. .

He stated that in the outpatient consultation of family medicine units (UMF), mental and behavioral disorders occupy seventh place as the reason for the consultation. “We annually give 5 million consultations nationwide, 80 percent of which are given with FMUs.”

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