Aguada and Urban faced the United States team and lost 112-78

Aguada and Urban faced the United States team and lost 112-78

They played for Aguada Facundo Medina, Theo Metzger, Leandro Cerminato, Juan Santiso, Agustin Zovic and Luciano Planells as well as American Anthony Young. Nahuel Lemos, Lithuanian Zygymantas Riauca, and Americans Liberian Nash and Donald Robinson did it for Orban.

Matteo Sarney was present but as he is part of the Uruguay squad he is not playing.

Federico Soto is recovering from a tear and other players such as Fernando Martinez and Hernando Caceres have been licensed for a few days. Urban brought in some rookies to round out the team.

The team was co-managed by German Cortezas and Esteban Iaquinta, technicians from Aguada and Urupan, respectively.

Aguada, who will turn 101 on Monday next week, and Orbán, who will celebrate his centenary on January 30, 2024, wore white shirts with their club models.

The USA did it in a blue jersey and this was their team:

player position to rise equipment
Abdul Jadi a base 1.91 m Prometheas Palterras (Greece)
henna dust a base 1.91 m Santa Cruz Warriors (League J)
Langston Galloway a base 1.81 m College Park Skyhawks (G League)
Dudent Burton Basic help 1.96 m Sacramento Kings (NBA)
Trevon Graham Basic help 1.96 m Long Island Nets (League J)
Nate Hinton Basic help 1.96 m Cleveland Charge (G League)
Xavier Moon Basic help 1.88 m Ontario Clippers (G League)
Elijah Pemberton Basic help 1.96 m Santa Cruz Warriors (League J)
Craig Sword Basic help 1.91 m Capital City Go Go (G League)
Will Davis II forward force 2.03 m College Park Skyhawks (G League)
Reggie Berry forward force 2.03 m Raptors 905 (J League)
Jay Huff center 2.16 m South Bay Lakers (League J)
DT: Jim Boylen
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At the request of the United States, the match was not televised and no radio or online broadcasts were permitted.

Those led by Jim Boylen wanted to prevent the Uruguay coaching staff from spotting them, although tickets for the match were sold out and there was a good turnout.

the match

First quarter: America 35-21
Second quarter: USA 63-36
Third quarter: USA 104-58
Final: USA 112-78

Aguada was announcing the result of the quarter-final match

First quarter: America 35-21
Second quarter: USA 28-15
Third quarter: USA 41-22
Final: Aguada-Urupan 20-8

The astonishing tale of the son of an urban leader

Urban’s leader, Pablo Casanova, with to rule“The professionalism of the American team was outstanding. The coach took the time to ask for time to make adjustments to the team.”

Before the game, Casanova and Flavio Berchmann, the manager of Aguada, appeared at half-time in the ballroom of Aguada Stadium to give the United States a jersey from each club.

“The coach was giving the art talk and at first their security didn’t want to let us through. But in the end we managed. When we handed them the shirts and left, they told us we were staying for the art talk. I was with my 12-year-old son Manu and going to a bilingual school,” he said. Cazanova.

“The coach gave the talk about technical and tactical concepts and when he finished he looked at my son and asked him very seriously if he had said it all or if he had forgotten something. My son replied: Sorry coach, I didn’t do that to be ready for this opportunity, but if I put on a shirt , I would encourage myself to enter, which created an atmosphere of laughter and relaxation with the players who went to greet him one by one,” the Urupan leader revealed.

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At the end of the game, with Aguada’s fans singing at full force, the USA players joined in with pictures of Aguada and Urupan and ended up jumping to the sound of the part chant.

Several players from the United States presented the shirt to Aguada fans to add a finishing touch to the party that two Uruguayan clubs had. .

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