Aguada flag that heated up the classics against Goes but was not denounced

Aguada flag that heated up the classics against Goes but was not denounced

The event occurred after the match after The referees’ shortlist had already bolted towards the changing rooms.

The Penal Court is made up of Honorary Lawyers who are currently in Judicial Justice, so they will certainly meet by Zoom.

The first thing they will do is give Transferring the lawsuit to the two parties to present their defenses within five days.

Judgments are issued on Wednesday and issued the next day. This file will take At least two weeks known b.

Between 2017 and 2021, Aguada suffered a 10-point loss about various incidents committed by their fans. The 2021-2022 league started with -4 points for incidents obtained in a behind closed doors match against Capitols in the 2021 LeagueLaunching fireworks in the field.

Goes was unaffiliated for a year in 2008 Due to classic events against Aguada played in Cilindro by Metropolitan.

Both teams are the most popular in Uruguay basketball and have minorities who want to gain prominence by generating violent incidents. That was what happened last Tuesday when most of the Goes fans walked out and most of the residents of Aguada stayed where they were to celebrate. It was minority groups on both sides who caused the incident and now subject their clubs to serious penalties.

It all started when two Goes fans went to insult Luciano Planells, a player from Aguada, and insulted his saliva, when he was sending a radio note.

However, before that, during the matchAguada fans displayed a provocative flag Which warmed the mood.

pointed to Crossover in the playoffs both teams played in the last league for the quarter-finals and Aguada won 3-2.

Flag added n to Goes to generate the word “cagones” with CA (by the gym).

Immediately, the jury consisting of Alejandro Sánchez Varela, Julio Dutra and Martín Real noticed the flag.

as far as he can tell RuleAnd As the flag was immediately taken down and never displayed again, it was not denounced by the judges, so it will not be part of the file. Nor did the neutrals condemn it.

Provocative flag displays have been around for a long time between the two parties.

In October 2017, Goes fans unfurled a flag to celebrate the deaths of Rodrigos, two Aguada teens who were killed by Peñarol bars as part of a match at Aguada Stadium between 25 de Agosto and Miramar.

October 2017, Goes flag

In March 2018, Aguada displayed a provocative flag referring to the Classics being suspended due to dampness on the field in which Aguatera fans accused Goes of creating the situation to delay the game.

March 2018, Aguada flag

The ball is now passed into the hands of the penalty court in recent seasons I took drastic measures To punish clubs for the violent behavior of their fans.

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