Motagua board divided by Diego Vázquez’s continuity: “My position is clear, I don’t think I should continue” – Diez

Motagua board divided by Diego Vázquez’s continuity: “My position is clear, I don’t think I should continue” – Diez

Part of the leadership motaguaheaded by the President of the Republic Eddie AtalaThe Argentine coach’s contract continues to be renewed Diego Vazquez, who completed his second year in white after championing three times Olympiad.

And when it all seemed like the poetess between Diego and him motagua It would have culminated with a new two-year signing, concluding a successful decade-long process between the strategist and the establishment, showing an unexpected hit.

Today, the Chief Financial Officer of the Eagles, Juan Carlos Suazo’s photo, through the program 90 minutes from RCV He expressed his dissatisfaction with the default renewal of the Argentine contract Diego Vazquez.

The issue jumped to the discussion table after it was said that Suazo will be retiring from the board of directors motagua If the Argentine is renewed by the capitalist entity, it ، Yanoreo Baz, Administrator, phoned him to find out his version.

Seeing the manager’s refusal in call attempts, same thing Juan Carlos Suazo’s photo answered it The WhatsApp He tells him that he can’t attend because he was in a meeting. The interviewer asked him if it was true that he would retire if Diego signed his continuity with the Eagles.

Suazo responded eloquently, according to the message he read live on Baz. “My position is clear and I don’t think Diego should continue, I have other priorities in my life”, was the message of the captain motagua I sent it.

And not only that, Suazo ended the short conversation with a picture, according to Yanorio Paz, a phrase Joan Laporta The current president of Barcelona He said in one of his last appearances. “The loss is over and there is no consequence,” the text of the photo said.

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This is the position of the leader Juan Carlos Suazo’s photo, who is chief financial officer, falls like a bucket of cold water in the recent and turbulent days that the Blue Club has been through after spending two years failing to lead Diego Vazquez, as a sector of fans also against the renewal of South America.

As the head of motaguaAnd the Eddie Atala, the coach, with whom the Blue Hurricane won the last five titles National LeagueHe will renew for the next four tournaments.

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