Aid Agora County restores 105,000 square meters of public space

Aid Agora County restores 105,000 square meters of public space

grants from Agoura network for the provincial council In 2022, they will be able to acquire nearly 105,000 square meters of public space and build more than 13.5 kilometers of pedestrian and cycle paths in 28 municipalities from the province. It is carried out thanks to 76 projects to improve urban living spaces, pedestrian areas, pedestrian and cycling paths and other types of measures that will improve the urban quality of towns and villages, with a preference for movement on foot and by bicycle.

This data was provided by Deputy Mobilidade e Espazo Público Uxío Benítez, who explained that the Council of Government will approve the second round of Agora aid this year, which exceeds 750,000 euros and is added to the 305,000 euros granted last October. In addition, prof New Call for Grants Where another 900 thousand euros will be distributed from the provincial funds.

The deputy confirmed his satisfaction with the council’s response to the… interrupt calls. He stressed that there is an “unstoppable wave” of local governments adhering to the mobility model that the Diputación advocates, the “Ágora model”, under the premise that public space is a right of the people, and that should be the focus of all mobility and urban planning policies against vehicles with Motors.

According to the nationalist, the projects that received Agora support in 2022 will allow for spaces that do not currently prioritize natural displacements. Increase pedestrian space and improve people’s transit in safe conditions. As an example, the former 31,101 square meters pedestrianized in the projects work areas will become 135,853 square meters.

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