Alacrán Berchelt warns that a fight with Oscar Valdes will be a chess duel

Alacrán Berchelt warns that a fight with Oscar Valdes will be a chess duel

Miguel “Alcran” Birchellt It is believed that his fight on February 20 against Oscar Valdez It’s going to be a chess duel, because they both know how to get to the front and how to box.

“We work in everything,” He said Bereshelt In an interview with The brand is clear. “You don’t know whether Oscar Valdez He will go ahead, or he will win. There are two very good fighting chess players, who will be on our side Eddie Renoso And the Alfredo Caballero. If you have to fight or box, we will be prepared for everything. “

Until th Scorpio Bereshelt It is not excluded that this will be a fight with Valdez Be the beginning of an epic. It becomes a classic of fights between Mexicans.

“I’m going to do a very good job economically,” he said. Bereshelt. “For a second or third action, it would be very good. This rivalry between Mexicans has not happened for a long time, since Barrera MarquezOh Barrera MoralesAnd the Visited with the painterIn short, big battles between Mexicans, these are epic battles, pride is at stake. “

They are Mexicans, complete fighters and with two coaches in a great moment. For this reason, that is Bereshelt She considers the fight to be a classic.

“This battle has all the ingredients to be a battle of the year, the angles do not need to be modified.” Added Bereshelt. “This is the most media fight, the Olympic player will take me twice to another level, to what extent we could not fight as an amateur, and now that will happen, I will ignore him in 36 minutes, in his last two matches at 130 pounds, I don’t know he saw well.”

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