NFL Match Scene at the end of week 16 matches

NFL Match Scene at the end of week 16 matches

The Dolphins crept onto the scene in the AFC, the Bucks, Chiefs and Cowboys each taking the division title, while three other teams were eliminated from the post-season competition.

There is no doubt about it NFL It’s a strange place.

In the Sixteenth week, the Miami Dolphin (8-7) infiltrated the playoff arena at the American Conference with a win in the “.Monday Night Football” Over the New Orleans Saints (7-8), which hurt their chances in the national conference.

defeat San Francisco 49ers (8-7) Thursday night wasn’t too expensive for their aspirations, not the beating he took Baltimore Ravens (8-7), who gave their place to dolphins.

the Arizona Cardinals (10-5) She also faltered again, but credited his ticket to postseason. Finally, the Cowboys in Dallas (11-4) They didn’t even have to jump into the field to secure their title in NFC EastThanks to the victories of teams outside their division: Atlanta Falcons (7-8) and Las Vegas Raiders (8-7).

After completing the file Sixteenth weekThere are already five post-season ranked teams in National Conference, for only one in Americana.

If the season peaks today, these matches will be in wild card tour subordinate playoffs:

American Conference

the Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) They are heroes west Asia For the sixth year in a row. what’s new?

the heads – The only team in the conference that qualified for the post-season athlete – on the ground Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7-1) in arrowheadAnd they remain as the best team in the world Asian Football ConfederationThe team with the longest winning streak in the entire league, with eight consecutive wins.

the Tennessee Titans (10-5) remains in second place, but cannot tie the band’s crown after beating Niners Thursday, thanks Indianapolis Colts (9-6) beat cards At work on Saturday. Either way, they stand directly in Asian Football Confederation, waiting to stumble from KC.

then comes Cincinnati Bengals (9-6) Those who were slaughtered crows To take the lead solo north. With all that, the worst team in the sector is Cleveland Browns (7-8), but they’re only two games away sensei. The closure in this department is stark, despite the fact that three of the four members fell in the 16th week.

Finally, the buffalo bills (9-6) They regained control of that itand beating New England Patriots (9-6).

The first ticket from wildcard still in the hands ponies, followed by expatriates. Finally, the crows Received a huge Christmas gift with the sudden defeat of Los Angeles Chargers Before Houston Texas (4-11), for seventh place, leaving screws Temporarily seeding out.

crosses in Asian Football Confederation to wild card tour They distinguished us dolphins Visit titans, in a game that’s weird to see next week; to me patriots Travel to the forest to meet Bengals, and the Invoices Receive ponies. dew Hit buffalo by 41-15 in week 11But from the rest of the party there are no precedents this season.

National Conference

Three teams stamped their passports bound for Postseason in NFC, And two section titles distributed in Sixteenth week.

the Green Bay Packers (12-3) Keep the best team mark in NFL, after defeating Brown in Saturday’s game. Everything points to what Aaron Rodgers He will have a week off when the regular season ends to try to recover as much as possible from the broken toe that has plagued him for several weeks.

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the Cowboys They already had a playoff card in hand – thanks to a win Tennessee Last Thursday – but wins hawks s Raiders They confirmed this in the Sunday afternoon matches Dallas It will have a tie-breaking criterion for the strength of the calendar in his favor on Philadelphia Eagles (8-7) in that it, even before they go to the field in the night game to smash Washington soccer team (6-8). It’s his first division title since 2018.

Los Angeles rams (11-4) He withdrew from the comfortable seat of the squad leaders in West to me cardsBut they both have their invitation to a postseason dance. Finally, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-4) culminated in employmentThey have not ruled since 2007.

the cards They already have three defeats in a row, so they are entering the post-season in reverse mode. the Niners, in the same section, sticks to the sixth ticket from NFC. philly It is currently ranked seventh and last in the NFC.

matches wild card tour It will include – if the season ends today – Cowboys Confrontation the Eagles For the third time in the year, Niners they will stay there California But they will travel a little south to meet rams in a Angels, and the cards They were packing their bags to land in Tampa Bay.

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Dallas get over it philly 41-21 in Week 3, but they have a commitment pending on the last day of the regular season, so they’ll face each other in back-to-back weeks. fencing between Niners s rams It will also be the third of the year San Francisco take victory in tenth week, by 31-10, but there is still a pending date on Eighteenth week. As in the previous case, the repetition will be on consecutive days between the same opponents. finally, Arizona Didn’t get a chance to see what you have to offer in person Tampa Bay In the current regular season.


Three teams of National Conference They have added their names to the list of teams that have dropped out of a race playoffs; Two in the first batch of Sunday’s games Sixteenth week, and another one in the second batch.

the New York Giants (4-11), Carolina Panthers (5-10) and Seattle Seahawks (5-10) lost any chance to the prodigy, to join the five teams that were previously without post-season opportunities.

These five previous teams are Chicago Bears (4-10) and Detroit Lions (2-11-1) in NFC, s Houston Texas (3-11), Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12) and New York Jets On the Asian Football Confederation (3-11).

Regarding the race for the first transformation of the following draft of NFLAnd Jacksonville Taken a huge step forward in Sixteenth week, falling by Planes. This will be the second in a row off season with jokes Check before anyone else in college player recruitment.

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