Alazanes de Cuba eliminated from battle for medals at Harlem Week Baseball Tournament

Alazanes de Cuba eliminated from battle for medals at Harlem Week Baseball Tournament

Cuba cannot participate in the Harlem Week Baseball Tournament. Photo: Boris Luis Cabrera / Cubadepat.

The Cuban team participating in the Harlem Week Baseball Championship, represented by the reinforced Alazanes de Granma, fell on Tuesday to the Curaçao team 1-0, It is excluded from the discussion of medals in this thirtieth edition.

Our team was disappointing when they fell for the fourth time in a rowwith a team that was crowned a national champion a few days ago, reinforced by players who gave a high performance in the season.

key to defeatOther than the technical shortcomings shown in the field, It was a bad insultis unable to make adjustments to different game situations, and is reduced when it comes to making rounds by producing very little base players.

Those from the small Caribbean island made an apparent plea in Episode Two by destroying the house’s panel doors, when Johannes Gregorios Jr. hit Leandro Martinez’s bowl, and the ninth man in the shootout, Rachelon Carolina, brought him home with a reinforced rifle.

Enough with Jordan Lucas, Another jug ​​goes to the list of Cuban indecipherable hitsby working seven turns spaced four strokes while giving only one gait, to keep the gunpowder of the artillery of the largest of the Antilles hydrated.

Left-handed Leandro Martinez acted at the height of his performance in the final qualifiers for our local championshipHe walks all the way with only six undisputed passers-by, but he still sits on the seat of patience, waiting for the wild cavalry that has given him victories so many times, absent these days from the battlefield.

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In the morning hours, the team Japan, made up of players from its industrial league, maintained its unbeaten record by beating Italy without setbacks, with a comfortable 9-0 score.

Dominated by right-handed Claudio Scotti for four runs, the Asians patiently waited until he left the box, and They fell on shipments of lighteners to tip the balance of the game With two packs of four touchdowns in the last two rounds.

Rintaro Tsujimoto, the third baseman, led the attack with single, double, and three RBIs.Defender Takuya Hiruma brought two home with one hit, and DH Ryuta Hirose had two to drive in another.

in the meantime, Left-handed starter Kota Yazawa kept the rival jungle silent for six inningsto the point of accepting one hit and distributing 11 hits all over the way.

The Japanese stadium staff allowed only 3 rounds in the 29 working rounds of this tournamentCuba made its own confrontation.

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