Alejandra Espinosa condemns medical negligence

Alejandra Espinosa condemns medical negligence

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Alejandra Espinosa She claimed that she was the victim of a very bad neurologist who failed to properly diagnose her, making her days in the hospital a real nightmare. during the audio notation Which he performs with his sister Damaris Jimenez “Between the Sisters”The beauty queen recounted the terrible days she lived in the hospital in chronological order.

“Annibal (her husband) arrived on Monday night from work and realized that at the moment of smiling, only one side of my face was doing its job and the other was not. He explained after revealing that the next day he continued to live his normal life and even went to pick up his son Mathieu from school.

“I got so scared that I started losing my eye. I went on Tuesday afternoon to the emergency room because they told me I had had a stroke,” said the presenter after revealing that her nightmare started there.

“The truth is I met a very bad doctor. I go to the emergency room, they do all the tests and the neurologist at the hospital where I was admitted, who was a very bad neurologist, started treating as if I had just had a seizure. He asked me if someone in my family had had it With MS (multiple sclerosis) he told me “I think that’s where things are”.

“Do you know what was going through my head at the time? All the doctor did was neglect, I have a written list of what he did,” he said, acknowledging that the hardest thing was feeling his family’s anxiety.

“The worst moments were talking to my parents, as I couldn’t be with Mathieu, seeing Anibal’s face, I knew what was going through their heads. I felt so helpless. Those days were so strong.”

According to Espinosa, 34, all her tests went well, but it was the neurologist’s predictions that made her worried. “The doctor told me I thought things were going here and everything was very negative. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort, what made me so sick was the medication they gave me. It’s been a very heavy week, just because of what I’ve come across, not because I’ve been struggling with fitness. ‘ He said after explaining that what he was experiencing was just a silent, painless migraine, and that he still needed more tests, but that’s okay.

“I really believe in the power of prayer and I think maybe the diagnosis was bad and prayer changed it. I’m fine thank God I’m still trying to understand what God wants me to learn from this,” he emphasized.

The Ex-queen of Nestra Belleza Latina, they reported that of all the tests they performed, they found a thyroid nodule that “has nothing to do with what happened to me, but I should check it out. I have a lot of faith that everything will be OK. I’m fine and calm, and I’m glad to be in home and to be able to return to my normal life.”

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