Alejandra Espinosa pretends to be Miss Universe

Alejandra Espinosa pretends to be Miss Universe


Alejandra Espinosa

Alejandra Espinosa He successfully cemented a successful and highly praised career in the entertainment world, after being named as the first winner of the reality show. Our Latin Beauty جمال in 2007, and since then she has been viewed by many of her followers as the perfect picture of what it means to be a queen.

and that is beautiful mexican She is not only the charisma and the overwhelming personality, which made her become the great sweetheart of Nestra Belleza Latina, but she stands out with her glamor and style, as if she were the entire Miss Universe.

This is how the former beauty queen saw herself, through a video she shared on your Instagram account, where he pointed out the fancy photo studios that famous Miss Universe photographer, Fadel Berisha, usually does with the winners.

In the clip shared by the first winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina, the TV artist is seen posing with a swimming pool in the background, while wearing a beautiful, sensual dress from her clothing brand AIMAE.

Alejandra plays with the camera a lot of flirtation and grace, as Miss Universe usually does at Fadel Berisha Studios, rocking her beautiful hair and pretending to be a queen and a model.

“ʙᴀʙʏ, ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴡᴀʏ! ᴺᵉʷ ᶜᵒˡˡᵉᶜᵗⁱᵒⁿ. ᴬᴵᴹᴬᴱ…[email protected],” was the caption with which the Univision star accompanied his promotional post to announce the news in his sales pitch.

Miss Universe 2009-2014 / Photo session with Fadel Berisha2015-02-22T18:57:28Z

Immediately fans of the former beauty queen filled the social network with praise for Alejandra, agreeing not only that she is still a queen, but also sending her all kinds of messages expressing their admiration for her.

“Beautiful”, “beautiful”, “beautiful and perfect!” , and “Don’t smudge the beer – we don’t all have that great body to look like that with those costumes!!! You look pretty as usual” were some of the comments created by Alejandra’s post. Another fan said, “You look divine as always, empowered and complete.

Alejandra Espinosa, who crowned Nostra Bellezza Latina in 2007, launched her clothing brand AIMAE in 2019, a name that originated from the initials of her son Aidan Mateo and the surname Espinosa.

Speaking about her clothing brand, Alejandra Espinosa said at the time:

“I am very happy to be able to achieve this goal, which has been a huge challenge and you need to find the right people who believe in the greatness of your dreams, who support you, guide you and help you achieve what you want.”

And about her taste for fashion and clothing offered by her brand, Alejandra added:

“Clothing is something I love, and more than fashion, what we convey with AIMAE is that you can wear clothes that never go out of fashion, that are not expensive, and that are comfortable above all else.”

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