Alexis Vega ‘fires’ Uriel Antuna de Sivas with photo and message

Alexis Vega ‘fires’ Uriel Antuna de Sivas with photo and message

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Upon arrival Roberto “The Loose” Alvarado to Sivas, The next stage of negotiation is exchange Uriel Antuna to Cruise Azul, Led to a fact Place two pictures of Alexis Vega saying goodbye, In addition to a message that he ends up being the “Tamarind Twins”.

Vega and Antuna formed an honest friendship As they passed through the Holy Flock, they were confirmed by numerous photos and videos, and that too Led to some criticism, Especially when pictures of the two go viral We celebrate El Brujo’s birthday Just a few days to play.

Despite the hustle and bustle, they both enjoyed their good relationship and were baptized. As the “tamarind couple” In reference to an alcoholic beverage, Vega who saw that association recalled today.

In the photos Vega showed, the two appeared together in the Verde Valle facility outside the locker room, with Antuna carrying a bag.

The exchange is in progress

Shivas was the first to confirm that the exchange between Chivas and Cruz Azul between Piojo Alvarado and Uriel Antuna took place in a release where they were seen. Many characters in red and white shirt with picture later.

Except for the antunna, The cement board will add Alejandro Mayorca, Who engages in separate negotiations in search of further functions.

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