Alfredo Adam showered memes with some votes in his favor

Alfredo Adam showered memes with some votes in his favor
Alfredo Adam van Noob, Self-declaration ‘King of rating‘, Who is the candidate Federal Deputy of the 14th District of Talaban, Political Party Progressive Social Networks (RSP), Has become a mockery of internet users, even after they have been exposed Some votes You have received support.

Remember that the actor Alfredo Adam, Caused a stir during his political campaign Verbally assaulted several passersbyOn the tours of his delegation already different Social media users, Serial audios have gone viral and he is said to have had Diversion of resources.

Despite this, the 62-year-old actor, the celebrity, hoped to win the match against his strongest rival, the singer and actress. Rocio Pankells; However, when there is a low number of votes in favor Adam, Netizens did not miss the opportunity to make fun of him.

The Website Of those who declared themselves, in many cases, as winners, they did not wait. Netizens mocked Adam’s impending defeat ‘The Simpson’ And fragments of the series ‘House of Flowers’.

According to the number of polls, 44 percent improvement National PREP, Updated 13 hours ago, Candidate Alfredo Adam He received less than a thousand votes in his favor Rocio Pankells More than 44 thousand.

In addition, Twitter users also showed their Dissatisfaction To Participation of Alfredo Adam as a candidate During his political campaign, they recalled audios confirming the actor’s contribution to the deviation of 25 million pesos.

“I don’t think you care anymore 25 million was stolen This is a good deal for converting to w3y and referring to m4dr3. ” It was never to blame, That is why he had the luxury of referring to the m4dr3, and I suspect that the RSP, which has many unrepresented candidates, wanted to win any post, They have nothing else to wool”,“It should not give us so much grace If those 1000 votes were millions ”,“ only those who could be intimidated by soap operas voted for him ”, Some feedback from users.

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Alfredo loses Adam Talalpan's representative

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