How is Carmen Villalobos’ house in Bogota inside, no breasts, no paradise | Colombia | Telenovelas nnda nnlt | Chica

How is Carmen Villalobos’ house in Bogota inside, no breasts, no paradise |  Colombia |  Telenovelas nnda nnlt |  Chica

She became one of the most sought-after Colombian actresses in recent years after playing Catalina Santana in the epic “Without Breasts, There is No Heaven,” and was not called to join the cast of the remake of “Café con aroma.” de mujer”, where you play Lucía Sanclemente, the villain in Telemundo’s new production.

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Although, throughout her nearly 20 years of experience, she has gained the love of the audience who follow her on her social networks, Barranquilla is always interested in her private life. And the most important thing for her is to keep her most intimate space away from the reflectors.

Despite her reluctance to make her life known within Four Walls, the 37-year-old actress was encouraged to show off the part of the home she shares with husband Sebastian CaicedoWho said that he missed a lot, because because of the recordings of the series he had to live somewhere else.

Next, we’ll show you what the actress’s home looks like, where she spends her days with her partner and her three pets: Freud, Mambo and Cappuccino.

The whole family is enjoying life. (Photo: cvilaloboss / Instagram)

Carmen Villalobos’ house

Carmen Villalobos house is located in Bogotá, a space that was responsible for giving it a special touch. So we have to The exterior is covered in rustic gray stoneIt gives it an antique and elegant feel.

As soon as you enter you can see it Predominantly white and wood floors. Full Scandinavian style. The living room has blue furniture and a wooden and glass coffee table.

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The furniture is made of wood with a simple look. Regarding the decoration, The whole house has flowers like white and pink orchids, and pot-like houseplantsWhich adds more elegance and simplicity to all spaces.

While, Your room has white tones and a wooden floor, and the lighting is based on warm tones. As for the bathroom, it offers a range of pastel colors. There are shiny elements made of glass and marble, something that has been used in common spaces such as the staircase and hallway.

Telemundo entered his house and showed us part of the estate of the actress and her husband.

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