Alfredo Del Mazo delivers Edomex Science Park

Alfredo Del Mazo delivers Edomex Science Park

For the benefit of residents of 30 neighborhoods in this municipality, who will have a safe place to resume their sporting, social and cultural activities, Alfredo Del Mazza MazzaGovernor status From Mexico, Delivery Park direct from Science, Which has a length of 4.7 kilometers, green spaces, playgrounds, rehabilitated multi-purpose playgrounds, a skating area, pedestrian bridges for easy access, and more infrastructure to be used by citizen.

Alfredo Del Mazo She stressed the importance of improving public spaces and providing suitable places for families to entertain and coexist, and stated that this new park will serve the residents of 30 neighborhoods in the city. Atizapen, How Atizapn, Lomas de la Torre, Villa de las Palmas or Atizapn 2000 homes.

“There are 30 neighborhoods through which this linear park is run and many people who live in this area of ​​our state, in this municipality, can go out for outdoor sports, walk, play sports, and live with their families and these spaces also help us restore security, Because these spaces also help us promote coexistence and recreation as well as enhance exercise. ”

He added that in order to ensure the safety of users and users, the park was lit up Lanterns Solar System, to provide extra safety for those who choose to visit it at night.

She concluded, “It is lit, and it is very important as well, because people from all over this region, from all parts of this region, can come here at night and feel safe, and feel calm to come to exercise, walk, and exercise.”

On this business tour, the Mexican president traveled a section of the 4.7-kilometer-long park, accompanied by municipal officials, and Secretary for Urban Development and Public Works Rafael Dazs Lille Barweta Then they developed the opening plaque for the place.

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