Alfredo Del Mazo overseeing progress in Toluca Science Park

Alfredo Del Mazo overseeing progress in Toluca Science Park

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Governor, Alfredo Del Mazza MazzaHe oversaw construction of the Toluca Science Park It will contain green spaces, shops and walkways, In addition to a planetarium. More than 350 million pesos will be invested in this project and more than 2000 job opportunities will be created.

“What we’re doing is getting back all this space, to Giving the capital of the state of Mexico a green zone in its middleAll this will be gardens, it will be a garden area, a shopping area, we will have walkways, an exhibition area. ”

After his tour, the head of state confirmed this This work is considered one of the most important works carried out in recent years, In the middle of the Mexican capital, in what was once Piazza Angel Maria Garibai, next to Piazza España A planetarium was built, which will house a playground for children and youth.

“BeforeS was a completely gray squareDownstairs was parking It can no longer be used much due to risks What we are doing is to restore this space, in addition to allowing us to admire the cosmophyte in all its splendor. “

He said this accompanied by Secretary of Public Works, Raphael Diaz Lyell The project will be ready in June of this year It will be incorporated into other cultural spaces located in central Toluca such as the Morelos Theater, the Cathedral, and the seat of the executive, legislative and judicial powers.

Its composition and effect

This work will affect 24 thousand square meters of public space, which will be Modernization, afforestation and improvementWhere A. The modern planetarium To enhance the taste of science among the population.

  • The park will be her Garden areas, will use renewable energy and water capture systems, Becoming the green lung of the capital of Mexico, among other properties.
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