Algaraz's defeat cements Djokovic as world No.1

Algaraz's defeat cements Djokovic as world No.1

The Defeat of Carlos Algarz (No. 2 in the ATP rankings) vs Alexander Zverev (6th) Australian Open quarter-final was good news As Novak Djokovic made sure to retain the No. 1 spot At least for a while.

Ahead of the first Grand Slam of the season, The calculator indicated that the Spaniards had serious chances To dislodge the Serbian from the top spot in the ATP rankings. What was going to happen? The Murcian He needs to go one round ahead of 'Nole at Melbourne Park or beat him in the final. For Belgrade if both meet the definition.

This collapse against Germany, who had to put up a really high performance and fight back at the end, will not be able to recover the No. 1 spot. Another who started the tournament with chances was Daniil Medvedev (3rd).Although his situation is very complicated: he should be the champion (and there is still a chance), but Algaraz and Djokovic had to lose in the quarterfinals, which will not happen, because the 'Joker' is already in the semifinals.

It is worth remembering that In the final stretch of 2023, Alcaraz and Djokovic also starred in an intense battle for the No. 1 spot.. 'Carlitos' last chance was at the ATP Finals, where the 24-time Grand Slam winner defended his spot and reached the top spot for the eighth time in a season.

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