A young Chilean teacher dies in Cuba

A young Chilean teacher dies in Cuba

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Wednesday, January 24, 2024

A young Chilean professor died in recent days in Havana, Cuba, while doing training with two other colleagues.

Local press reports indicate that the young woman died as a result of health problems, and her family requested help to return the body to Chile.

“The Ministry of Education of La Araucanía is committed to supporting the process,” he noted. Biobiocell.

The teacher was identified as Javiera Garrido Osorís, 28, who works at Arturo Valenzuela High School in Conco.

“But due to medical complications, he died on Monday in a clinic in Havana. For this reason, his family hopes to achieve an immediate transfer of his remains to the country,” his brother Andres Garrido expressed.

Meanwhile, he noted, “La Araucanía Education Officer, Marcela Castro, contacted the family to offer her condolences and support in the repatriation process.”

“The Medical Legal Institute of Havana has already performed an autopsy, and due to bureaucratic procedures, it may take up to 10 days for his repatriation, so that his funeral can be held in the municipality of Conco,” they reported.

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