Alida Nunez amazes her fans by designing black underwear from a luxury sports car

Alida Nunez amazes her fans by designing black underwear from a luxury sports car

Alida Nunez He set fire again through social networks with a video in which he appears Show her sensual traitsall as part of the exclusive content he shares with his most demanding fans.

Mexican actress and singer He has hypnotized over 3.6 million followers on Instagram Thanks to the short recording in which he appeared again in high boots and a A sensual black lingerie collection that highlights her sensual charm.

On this occasion, in addition to appearing with a bold lingerie collection, Jalisco, home of Lagos de Moreno, re-appeared on a red luxury sports car, which caught the attention of thousands of fans who immediately qualified for the short engagement with both.”

Rains of compliments and letters of admiration were among the first messages that emerged to confirm that Alida Nunez not only enjoyed success as an actress or on stage, because virtual communities became a new showcase for her beauty.

This is how, a short while ago, she shared a postcard in which, using the same clothes made of lace and sheer sheets, she showcased her stylized structure, wasting beauty and sensuality in the same post.

As part of this same gallery of daring images, the beautiful TV star caught the eye with another few seconds of animation, where She showed off part of her graceful butt while designing a blue suit. All this in front of a group of sports cars that became the perfect combination for thousands of followers who congratulated her on the amazing look with all kinds of clothes and anywhere.

And although it became clear at the age of 41 that she was an expert at drawing attention with little lingerie, previously Alida Nunez He heated up this same social network with a postcard in which he got into a car again using Red Strapless Bodysuit Slut Which showed a part of her sensual personality that conquered many hearts throughout her 20-year career.

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