Find out if it’s better for your health to erase or cover up tattoos

Find out if it’s better for your health to erase or cover up tattoos
Find out which of these two procedures does not affect your health that much.

A lot of people decide to have tattoos that we don’t like on our bodies Cover or remove it with different treatments. However Do you know which of these decisions is best for your health?

Tattoos have grown so popular in recent years that they are no longer stigmatized as something negative and are starting to be considered an art. Thanks to this, thousands of people have been encouraged to pick up different designs on their skin with the idea of ​​owning it for life.

However, on many occasions we choose a design that we no longer like or get deformed over time. One of the most common cases of wanting to remove tattoos from the skin is that of those who did so as a couple but that relationship ended, so they no longer want to continue carrying the memory of that failed bond on their skin. Usually the two options when deciding to erase a design from the skin are: laser tattoo removal or “cover up” (cover it with another tattoo on top).

If you want to get the clearest picture, then in the next note we will tell you which of these options is least harmful to your health.

Remove it with a laser

The use of lasers to remove tattoos on the skin has seen an increase in popularity in recent years thanks to the fact that more and more cosmetic centers are beginning to perform this treatment, which is why costs are dropping. For example, erasing a small tattoo of a maximum of 4 centimeters can cost less than 200 soles per session depending on whether it is a single color, the quality of the ink and the type of laser used in the place. A regular laser will be cheaper than a Q-switched laser, but the latter produces better results in less time.

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It should be noted that the minimum number of sessions usually indicated is six, so the total cost of treatment may be about 1,200 soles. During treatment, immediate side effects may occur, such as pain in the treated area, the appearance of crusts and blisters, and even bleeding within the skin.

In addition, there are long-term discomforts that can occur and have been reported by patients such as allergic reactions, changes in skin pigmentation, hypopigmentation (when fragments of skin open) and hyperpigmentation (when fragments of skin darken).

One of the most dangerous negative effects that this treatment can cause is permanent changes in skin texture or even carcinogenic amines. However, this can only happen if some parts of the ink contain metals that can generate toxic substances in the body when decomposed by exposure to laser light.

Make a lid (cover it with another one)

After reading about the potential side effects that laser tattoo removal can cause, you might think it’s best to cover it up with another. However, doing so also has its consequences. When covering a tattoo, the new ink not only covers the old, but also adds more color to the old and saturates it. Therefore, two weeks after making a new tattoo, the old tattoo will “bleed”.

This ink exploitation can cause the color to break down into small particles that will be absorbed by the body, which can affect surrounding tissues.

Now that you know the consequences of both options, you can make the decision that seems best to you. However, the best advice would always be to think carefully about which design we want to get a tattoo, make absolutely sure to do so and choose a trusted place to avoid seeing each other later at this crossroads.

(Photo: Pinterest)
(Photo: Pinterest)

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