Alonso does not regret his departure from Ferrari: “2021 and they do not win”

Alonso does not regret his departure from Ferrari: “2021 and they do not win”

He laughs at the bad reputation some say he has

He’s hoping to fight on the podium this season with the Alps

Fernando Alonso returns to Formula 1 this year and does so with Renault, now renamed Alpine. He would do this with Carlos Sainz in red as a partner on the grill. On the gates of the new stage, the question is inescapable: Does Fernando regret not being the one now in Maranello? But Asturian is clear in the answer.

Fernando Alonso decided to leave Ferrari at the end of 2014 to start a new project with McLaren. To this day, he maintains that he does not regret leaving Scuderia. In fact, he insists that he has never regretted any of his decisions and insists that it was very easy in the past year to find out what was the best.

We are in 2021 and Ferrari has not yet won. I do not regret any of my decisions. With a crystal ball, you can make a different decision at some point, but every moment I felt like I was doing the right thing. ”

“With Alpine the same, I think that in this way I have the biggest challenges after two years of this sport. Decisions are made and responsibilities are taken, but with Ferrari the timing was perfect.”

“In 2014, there were successes for five years and we fought for titles until the last round in three seasons. The atmosphere was great and the love was between me and Ferrari too. But it was the right moment. If I had stayed at Ferrari without being able to win, we would have hurt both parties.” Instead, love remained. ”

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bad reputation?

On the other hand, Fernando laughs at the notoriety he left in the teams he’s been through and remembers that if he had gone really bad, he wouldn’t be repeated in teams like Renault and McLaren.

“This is the third time I’ve driven a Renault and I’ve been at McLaren twice. I’ve been in different teams and have repeated it, so they should be happy with me. If not, I don’t know why they called me.” Bad reputation? “Laugh”I have answered.

“I keep talking to Fisichella, Trulli lives in the same city that greeted her and she called me after the accident to tell me that if I needed something from the supermarket she would help me. And so every day with Stoffel and Jenson and now Esteban, to whom I sent this FA racing cart Weeks until I can drive. That’s why I laugh, because all of my teammates were good friends at that time and then, “he said.

He summarized: “The same thing happened to me in Dakar, I had to loan a tire to Al Attiyah. Sometimes having this reputation is a good thing because when they find out that I am normal, they seem so amazed and happy.”

Hopes for 2021

Thousands of fans will be playing TV today without knowing what to expect from Fernando de Albin this year. That is why the Spaniards wanted to shed some light on his true potential for this season. The champ insists twice that it will be a continuation campaign compared to 2020, as they hope to be able to fight on multiple platforms.

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“People excitement is natural and I’m happy to see it. From the moment we announced that I’ll be racing this year with Alpine, I felt very warm and welcome from everyone, by the team of course, but also by part of my ring mates, the drivers, the fans, the media, Formula One leaders … I felt loved and welcomed. It’s a very nice thing, “he explained in words posted by Mundo Deportivo.

“I assume that the Spanish fans should understand or see that this season is a continuation of the 2020 campaign and there will not be many changes to the path. I hope we will be able to compete,” I hope we struggle with multiple platforms, but I think getting more than that would be a surprise.“, Till the end.

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