Stephen Curry hit a fan at a Warriors game

Stephen Curry hit a fan at a Warriors game

Stephen Curry He was a great protagonist The Golden State Warriors defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 125-116; However, what he did during the game wasn’t the only thing the famous basketball player talked about, because in the preview of the game. fan hit with one of his classics Impossible shots.

WhatStephen Curry fan hit? | video

before the duel begins chase center, Basketball player has become a trend in social networks because of Colossal ball He presented it in the face of a young man who was older than 30 metres.

The recordings together show the moment that curry threw the ball from A tunnel located behind one of the hoops; However, his group was cut short and ended I hit a ball boy on the headwho was standing below the other ring on the court.

The blow the young man received was like that strong that He toppled his glasses and lost his balance.although he managed to stand on his feet and not fall to the ground.

Social network feedback

As expected, reactions did not come long in coming, including from some social network users They joked about what happened to him to ball boy With funny memes and messages.

“I would fall to the floor and refuse to get up until Steve transferred $2 million into my bank account.”

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