Amanda Miguel cuts legendary curls and showcases the drastic change in her new look!

Amanda Miguel cuts legendary curls and showcases the drastic change in her new look!

Amanda Miguel He is a legend in the Latin music world. The performer hits like Lied to me, I or the castles will come back, He surprised this spring with an unpublished photo that instantly captured the hearts of his fans.

The legendary poetry of wife Diego Verdaguer It was trade mark The singer who appeared today on her networks to delight her followers and announces her health after suffering with her health in recent years, while she wore a change a look My origins.

“I want to tell you some beautiful things about my life that I sincerely wish to share with you … Thank God I am in good health, surrounded by the love of my family, from all my collaborators and from you, my lovable followers who accompany me at all times, many will be shocked to see me without my traditional hair But at the beginning of the epidemic I decided to cut it and let it grow from scratch with the color that I already have naturally. What do you think? Wrote under the pictures that revealed his change of style.

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With some unpublished pics in which she appeared like never before, with her short hair, gray eyebrows well marked, gorgeous makeup and red lipstick, the singer’s natural beauty stood out even more, accompanied by some showy earrings. .

Additionally, she appeared dressed in another outfit with a silver jacket which gave her a very young and modern look.

IG Amanda Miguel – Female Engian

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The acceptance of her appearance was entirely new and the compliments multiplied everywhere: “You’re beautiful!” , I wrote under the pictures. Lucy ChapparroActor’s wife Omar Shabarro.

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