Hackers have discovered a flaw in the zoom that compromises your information

Hackers have discovered a flaw in the zoom that compromises your information

A group Hackers They won Gift One after they are discovered Failure In Chat From Zoom in It allows others to pick up Control Get your information and data from your device.

Zoom Messenger It is the most downloaded application by 2020 because it is one of the main sites for video conferencing and has become an essential tool for the home office in times of epidemics.

The defect was discovered during a programming contest Hacking, “Pwn20wn, organized by Zero Day Initiative, proposes to search for vulnerabilities in different software in exchange for cash prizes.

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Cyber ​​security professionals, known as “white hackers”, look for flaws in popular pages and programs to strengthen their security. A team of computed researchers discovered this flaw in the Zoom video conferencing platform during the competition.

What is the flaw in Zoom that exposes your privacy?

This team proved that the user can carry out an attack where the application fails without any control. This defect is present in versions Zoom in Windows and Mac.

This zoom failure compromises your information

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For obvious reasons, the hackers have not yet revealed how this operation is carried out, but they point out that it is easy to bypass it with a code on the computer.

This platform can be accessed and taken by hackers Control From the other device without the need to cheat the victim or download files or click on links

Based on this information, Zoom has 90 days to publish security fixes for detected errors. That’s why download it when the next zoom update comes.

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Windows 10 and Chrome are other software that has been compromised. In the first one, it is easy to enter an error in the system and there is a chance to control it. Chrome’s vulnerability allows browser security to be hacked

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