amazing! They discover “dancing ghosts” in space that have never been seen before

amazing!  They discover “dancing ghosts” in space that have never been seen before

United State. – Recently, one of the astronomical phenomena Most amazing lately. the Pathfinder Australian Square Kilometer Array (ASKAP) de CSIRO can be noticeddancing ghostss” in space, which is located a billion light-years away and this is an unprecedented fact that has aroused great interest among lovers of astronomy.

Therefore, the discovery was reported to have been accepted for publication in the publications of the Australian Astronomical Society (PASA). In this he indicates that it is one of the many that has been given after deep observation. Even professor and lead author of the study, Ray Norris of Western Sydney University and CSIRO, confirmed that it was a complete surprise to the EMU project.

“When we first saw ‘Dancing Ghosts’ we had no idea what they were. After weeks of work, we found out we were seeing two galaxies ‘hosts’, about a billion light-years away. At their center are two supermassive black holes, spouting jets of electrons that are then bent into hideous shapes by intergalactic winds. The expert revealed.

Source: CSIRO official website.

He also explained that it will take hard work based on the observations to be able to understand and answer questions such as where the winds come from or why they are entangled. He also indicated that there was great optimism as to the cause of the radio broadcasting streams. At the moment, the image shown by CSIRO is beginning to spread around the world.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the EMU project has made other amazing discoveries. Such is the case with ORCs, which look like giant radio emission rings spanning about a million light-years and surrounding distant galaxies. Finally, it should be noted that the ASKAP radio telescope is powered by CSIRO It is part of the National Telescope Facility in Australia.

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