Amazon has applied for permission to send two internet satellites into space in 2022

Amazon has applied for permission to send two internet satellites into space in 2022
Amazon plans to send internet satellites into space

E-commerce giant Amazon asked for permission from the US government on Monday to send two satellites of high-speed internet providers into space in 2022, one of the company’s future bets.

In an entry on the company’s blog, the Seattle Corporation (Washington State, USA) reported that this morning it submitted the application to the Federal Communications Commission, the agency responsible for regulating communications by radio, television, state cable and satellite.

“These satellites will allow us to test the communications and networking technology that we will use in our final design, and they will help us validate launches and manage missions when we deploy our full suite.” referenced from amazon.

This is one of the first steps towards completing the so-called Project Kuiper, which consists of launching 3,236 satellites into space to orbit a short distance from Earth and provide high-speed Internet to all parts of the world.

Amazon has promised to invest more than $10 billion in this project.

Former CEO and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos is fascinated by space and has his own airline, Blue Origin, which in July of this same year brought three other civilians – including his brother – into space.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

The so-called “space tourism” is already a reality, or at least the first steps to establishing this idea as such. Just a few months ago, JAmazon founder Eve Bezos flew into space with his company Blue Origin, after Richard Branson did the same with Virgin Galactic.

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On both occasions, the men who made the list of the world’s richest humans enjoyed several minutes in Low Earth Orbit (LEO, for its English acronym) while marking a milestone in human history. By becoming the first billionaires to see Earth from space.

However, as Neil Armstrong said when he went to the moon in 1969: “This is a small step for man, but a huge leap for mankind”And in the case of Bezos and Branson’s space experiments, their trips are just the beginning of something bigger the former Amazon CEO is already considering.

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