George Solar, Qualified MVP of the 2021 World Series

George Solar, Qualified MVP of the 2021 World Series

There has never been one World Series History with home run success. George Soler was in charge of this achievement and was a forerunner of the coming.

In July 2021, something happened that changed the history of the 2021 MLB season. The deaths of Atlanta Braves brought George Solar to Truist Park, a Cuban who already knew what the World Series was about to play, and above all, he knew how to win it. No one at the time imagined that George and Braves would make history.

Three months and a few days later, after an epic show at the Fall Classics of the 2021 season, he was named MVP of the Cuban World Series. After the series began, in a wonderful way, George’s mission seemed to be accomplished. Then there were his two home runs, the Atlanta Braves declaring three wins against their rivals Houston in the fourth game and putting the winning numbers on board in the sixth and final game. It can’t be any different. The gift cannot be compared to another.

This is the second time a Cuban has been appointed MVP An Autumn Classic (Liv Hernandez, 1997) and of course they never left the island MVP From World Series And from one of the championship series of the same season.

George Solar batted 20-6 at an average of .300 in the World Series with 1,191 OPS. His three home runs and six Reserve Banks always came at crucial moments. The most important thing for Cuba was, as he said at the end of the fourth game, “he never had so much fun playing baseball.”

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If anything, Creole from the Greater Antilles, Cuban “what was”

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