Amazon Introduces ZenBooths, Booths for Tired Warehouse Workers (Video)

Amazon Introduces ZenBooths, Booths for Tired Warehouse Workers (Video)


May 28, 2021 01:56 GMT

Mental Practice Kiosks is part of the WorkingWell program, which aims to help employees “recharge and rejuvenate”. The company uploaded a video with the cameras exposed, but deleted it hours later.

Amazon introduced Zen Booths or Mental Practice Booths where their warehouse employees can remove accumulated stress and take a break on the job. Report Vice. Initially, the retail giant posted a video with the cameras exposed on Wednesday, except that Erased After a few hours.

ZenBooths is part of the company’s WorkingWell program announced on May 17th. This project aims to help workers toRecharge and replenish energiesThrough ‘Physical and Mental Activities, Wellness Exercises and Supporting Healthy Eating.’

How is the cabin inside?

Each cabin is equipped with plants, a fan and a computer where the staff can watch videos with Meditation practices to relieve anxiety. The walls are also decorated with banners.

“With AmaZen, I wanted to create a quiet space, where people can go and focus on their mental and emotional health.” ZenBooth is an interactive kiosk where you can browse a library of mental health and mindfulness practices for Recharge the internal batteryLily Brown, the employee at Amazon who built the stalls, confirmed.

Rejection in networks

With the installation of such structures, the entity seeks to improve its image and Ease tensions With its workers after numerous scandals. So, last March It has been reported Company drivers were urinating in bottles and defecating in bags.

In this context, many netizens have criticized Amazon booths, which indicates their existence Small space. A Twitter user posted with a photo of a worker inside a cardboard box “Focusing on my mental safety in an Amazon mental practice room.”

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Imagine you work in a miserable company where conditions are so horrible that they need to put a crying locker in the middle of the factory, and the company tries to sell it as Accolade“, Wrote else.

“The employees don’t even have time to go to the bathroom. How the hell are they supposed to have time for their closet of despair?” Confirmed Internet user.

Studies show that employees spend their time in booths soundproofed at least twice a day 76% A. Less likely to union“, Mocked User, remembers one of the last failed attempts of to shape Union on the part of the workers.

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