America goes to Fernando Gurriaran and puts Vinas in the negotiations

America goes to Fernando Gurriaran and puts Vinas in the negotiations

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In the AmericaAlthough the failure is obviously still painful for sure, not only are they content with their laurels and leaving the drama aside a bit, they have already set their sights on what the starring will look like. Closing 2023In just two months.

There is something clear leadership She wants to strengthen her workforce even more, because the idea is to be very strong, and now she has in her portfolio to hire Uruguayan midfielder for Santos Laguna, Fernando Gurriaran.

the steering wheel that followed Coapa . picture A long time ago, again aroused interest appears to cream guidance He will go with everything to get the services of this one.

And try to achieve his signature, which will definitely result Several million dollarsthe intent is to put some player or players To lower the cost of Sharia a little.

According to some reports, Federico Vinas It’s an item the team will use as a bargaining chip, and it looks like it could go for it atlasThen we must remember both Red and black How the Warriors Owned by the Orlegi Group.

There is also an option the Eagles Final delivery of a letter Leonardo Suarez And even sent to Peru Pedro Aquino with the Beverdy group. These are the times of rumours.

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