Amid tears and discontent, they pull out the killed military police in Temara

Amid tears and discontent, they pull out the killed military police in Temara

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – Relatives and co-workers came in a state of sadness and weakness to recover the body of the military policeman who violently lost his life last Friday night in Tamara prison, the capital of Honduras.

Young father Pedro Lopez Mejia (26) He clung to his other relatives while waiting for the coffin to be released, outside the facilities of the Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences Center.

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Minutes later, three men in uniform from Military police of public order (PMOP) carried the coffin to be later transported to the municipality of Santa Elena, in La Paz province, where it was of origin.

Fatal attack

Lopez MejiaHe was assigned to the maximum security unit in this penal center, which, according to what appeared, approached one of the cells on Friday night to bring food for a prisoner who was allegedly responsible for his death.

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The accounts indicate that the prisoner attacked the soldier, and saw a strong blow to his head with a lock, and then hit several wounds with a knife.

The country’s main criminal center authorities have yet to speak of the violent action, so the identity of the person responsible and the possible motive for the attack are unknown.

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