Duque’s response to the accusations against Pidad Cordoba – Government – Politics

Duque’s response to the accusations against Pidad Cordoba – Government – Politics

From Strasbourg, France, President Ivan Duque called on the Colombian justice system not to allow the charges against Pidad Cordoba to be left “unpunished”.

The president asked for speed to move forward with the accusations made by the former adviser to the historic charter candidate, Andres Vásquez, who said they were delaying the release of those kidnapped by the former guerrillas of the FARC – including Ingrid Betancourt – to obtain the benefit of politicians.

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What we expect is that the judiciary will rule very quickly. They are the ones who should listen to these testimonials, validate them and move on. What is clearly implied here is that no act of collusion or alleged collusion will go unpunished.The chief said.

In fact, the Supreme Courts are already conducting a preliminary investigation against the former senator. This Wednesday, from eight in the morning, the investigative chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice receives the announcement of presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, who could have been one of those affected by the actions of Córdoba.

(what’s more: Ingrid Betancourt testifies at Pidad Cordoba in court).

Ingrid Betancourt enters the investigation chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.


Photo: Cesar Melgargo / Central Europe

Likewise, Chamber Representative Jaime Felipe Lozada Polanco, the son of former Congresswoman Gloria Polanco, who was kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, was called to testify. Lozada must attend on Tuesday, February 22nd in the morning.

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The investigation is also investigating multiple facts against the historic charter candidate, such as the alleged proximity to Alex Saab, one of Chavismo’s leaders in Venezuela, as well as alleged links with FARC fighters.

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Statements against Cordoba are not new. The operation against the former senator began after the Colombian army bombed the camp of the alias “Raul Reyes”, where several computers and USB devices were found with emails in which the former gang leader and Piedad Cordoba were supposed to exchange information, identifying themselves under the alias From “Theodora”.

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