AML in iGaming: What Software to Use?

AML in iGaming: What Software to Use?

While online gaming has brought about a wealth of opportunities for its users, it has also led to several illegal activities and crimes. Out of these activities, money laundering has been an increasing concern. Cybercriminals are constantly trying to find new ways to facilitate money laundering wherein players hold multiple accounts through which funds are deposited into different accounts then withdrawn from a legitimate account so as to mask the first source of the money. Games such as poker and other gambling services are common grounds for such transactions and require strict monitoring. 

To do so, laws and regulations are set by financial institutions to prevent criminals from such activities. This comprehensive and effective procedure or system is called anti-money laundering. With the changing times, the rules and regulations are also constantly revised making the job tedious and difficult to keep up with. This is where technology comes to the rescue by providing a number of software programs that can make the job easier and easy to understand. Let’s have a look at some of the popular software programs for AML in iGaming: 


The first one on our list is Accuity. As an AML software, its primary focus is to provide novel and creative solutions to online casinos and gaming sites wherein services like account screening, transaction screening, security compliance and counterparty KYC are provided. Such software is not used at no verification casinos described at that are available in the UK. 

In addition to this, it also ensures trade compliance along with sanctions, other screenings and PEP data, therefore accounting for all risks involved in the process. Furthermore, the software’s efficiency can not only be seen in the gaming and gambling industries but also in several other business sectors like real estate, insurance and legal services. 

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The second one on the list is Alessa. This software program meticulously performs its tasks wherein services like identity verification, transaction monitoring and sanctions screening are done with precision and great care. In addition to this, it also ensures regulatory reporting of SARs, STRs and CTRs along with fraud prevention and detection. A unique feature of this tool is that it allows its users to create demo accounts on gambling sites to check its efficiency without using real money. Furthermore, its advanced investigation tools make it possible for the program to engage in real-time assessment of risks and detect suspicious behaviour, further ensuring complete AML compliance.

Comply Advantage

The next one on the list is Comply Advantage – a solution-oriented service specifically designed for the gaming and gambling industry. Just like Alessa, this software program also allows its users to create a demo account before signing up and therefore enabling them to experience the service before availing it completely. A prominent feature of this software is that it focuses on seeding out suspicious players and therefore ensures an honest pool of users. Some of the services provided by the program include an automatic screening of risks, instant real-time identification of players using a dynamic database, identification of worrisome gambling patterns, prompt alerts for suspicious activities, reduction of onboarding costs and efforts and finally, ensuring an increase in the player’s lifetime value. Additionally, they also have features to detect threats in the gambling itself. This ensures holistic compliance with AML regulations. 

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Another software that can be used is that of Jumio. Popularly used and known by most gambling sites in the industry, Jumio focuses on facilities like that simplifying compliance to AML regulations, monitoring identification-related information and verification of age, mandatory KYC, and preventing worrisome gambling and fraudulent activities. 

This solution service further includes features like that of online and social gambling, PASPA-complaint sports betting, course correction, and finally, digital identity assurance. Thus, this simple and easy-to-understand program is the best option to ensure AML compliance while reducing abandonment rates, assessing risks, and preventing friendly fraud.

Shufti Pro

Finally, the last software that you can opt for is Shufti Pro. Entailing within itself a range of technology features like face identification, KYC identification, and verification (through video interviews), address identification, consent identification, and document identification. Moreover, it also offers 2-factor authentication, AML screening and data set, KYB corporate verification, facial biometric authentication, and OCR and AML for businesses. In addition to these facilities, this software is economically a good option (pay as you go service or even avail a monthly service) and is favoured by most gambling sites as it supports all countries and languages. 

Concluding Thoughts

It is therefore important for businesses to follow AML regulations to increase brand awareness and provide an enjoyable and smooth experience for their users. This is not only beneficial for the consumers but also for the business to flourish. Thus, these software programs are a definite go-to for all your AML related problems. So, make your AML compliance process simple and easy with these programs. 

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