Top Surveys for New Zealand Gamblers

Top Surveys for New Zealand Gamblers

Surveys help players to understand how to proceed with the tactics and it also helps them realize the motivations behind gambling. These surveys help ascertain whether someone has a gambling problem and also provide a gambling counselor if needed. 

According to the New Zealand Gaming Survey, it was found out that between 58,000 and 107,700 adults suffer from gambling problems at some point in their lives. Participating in a survey helps improve the current conditions of the gambling industry and it also assists the players.

CasinoDeps Survey

Casino Deps is gambling reviewing website for New Zealanders. It helps to find top-rated sites and offers professional online casino reviews to Kiwi players at, popular payment methods, and all the important categories. It also released a survey which is a market research survey and anyone can participate for free. It was done to find the best payment methods available for Kiwi players. The survey would not take much of your time as it is only a single page. 

It asks questions such as your age, where you are from, and your monthly income. They will also ask about your favorite online casino games and the devices through which you play, the most convenient amount of minimum play and finally, it will ask about how many hours per week you spend gambling. This in a way also checks whether you are practicing problem gambling or responsible one.

PGF Survey

PGF stands for Problem Gambling Foundation. It is a national organization that supports people suffering from a gambling addiction and is based in New Zealand. The services provided by Problem Gambling Foundation are completely free and confidential. The gambling study surveyed the entire population over the course of 3 years. More than 2,770 New Zealanders were surveyed in 2015.

  • In 2015, skill games were preferred over anything else. It was followed by fantasy football and online poker. Only 1.5% of adults played online casinos that had no monetary reward. Most people only played games that had a reward.
  • Problem gamblers spent over 300 dollars per month on casinos. Low-risk gamblers spent around 100 dollars monthly.
  • But it was found out that around 0.2% of participants in 2015 were problem gamblers.
  • Only 1.6% of the moderately in risk gamblers tried to get professional help.
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Estimate of new cases of moderate and problem gamblers 70%
Percentage of adults playing online casino games 1.5%


NCPG Survey

NCPG survey is one of the largest online surveys that are conducted. It specifically tried to find the percentage of adults who are suffering from problem gambling. NCPG conducted follow-up research named The National Survey of Gambling Attitudes and Gambling Experience(NGAGE) which dealt with problem gambling. It was found that sports bettors are at a higher risk of problematic play than any other form of bettors. The report indicated that younger players who were under the age of 35 appeared to be at a higher risk of getting involved in gambling problems. 

The survey threw light upon the underlying problems of the gambling industry. Keith Whyte, who is the executive director, commented that he hoped the new reports would urge the public and private sectors to allocate resources to create a “safer gambling environment”. He also wished more organizers would help people suffering from gambling problems. 

In the 2018 survey, more than 28,000 people participated. You can contact the survey here.  To participate in the survey, all you need to do is to register and it is absolutely free. The survey questions a broad range of issues. Some of these areas include gambling participation, problem gambling, positive play and public opinions, beliefs about gambling problems.

Some other findings:

Lottery More than one-third of the sample number had participated in the lottery at some point in their life
Percentage of people who believes gambling is done to essentially earn money 16%
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YouGov holds the motto that people should participate more in the decisions that institutions make since these people are the ones who help grow it. They regularly conduct surveys. In their most recent survey results, they reported that 63 % of participants gambled online and also that players felt the need for more measures tackling gambling harm. 

It was found out that 57% of the gambling business that participated in the survey did not take problem gambling to be very serious. 26% of the respondents demanded better laws protecting gamblers.

 Final Thoughts 

People all over the world suffer from problem gambling. Gambling becomes dangerous the moment one does it to earn money and not simply for entertainment. It becomes a devastating addiction that results in many problems and breakdowns. It is imperative to analyze one’s involvement with gambling and to practice responsible gambling. Websites such as BetBlocker. Gamban, GamBlock, and Betfilter will help you in controlling your addiction. 

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