AMLO protects Ricardo Ravello after reporting Alfaro – El Financiero

AMLO protects Ricardo Ravello after reporting Alfaro – El Financiero

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that he will ask the Under Secretary for Human Rights, Population and Migration, Alejandro Encinas, contacted journalist Ricardo Ravello, who had allegedly received harassment by the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro.

“This does not mean that the governor is guilty, it is only that we are fulfilling our responsibility to protect this journalist without prejudgment, summary trials cannot be held, there are legal procedures to follow, and there must be complaints,” the newspaper said. Leader.

On December 27, Governor Enrique Alfaro announced that he had filed lawsuits against journalist and researcher Ricardo Ravello Gallo from the Gate. but nevertheless to Alleged moral damage.

“The non-material damage claim has been filed, we are asking for precautionary measures, I will not allow it Don’t let anyone question my public fame And creating that kind of comment, I won’t allow it because they have tried too many times, and it seems to me disrespectful, even lacking in morals to make that kind of comment, I would simply tell you, the lawsuits the state chief said during a press conference, the late payment is being brought We are asking for precautionary measures.

The governor’s statement came after the journalist published two articles on Jalisco organized crime on December 17 and 24, in which he referred to Alleged protection from Alvaro’s government to a group of organized crime.

Regarding this issue, ARTICLE 19 issued a statement saying that it “rejects threats to bring legal actions against journalist and journalist Ricardo Ravello committed by the governor of Jalisco.”

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“Article 19 is very worrying The governor intends to censor the information It prevents discussion and the flow of information on matters of public interest, since you, as an administrator, must guarantee the basic right to be informed. Even worse is the use of judicial and/or administrative institutions to provoke this censorship, and even the misuse of personalities such as precautionary measures to try to download press notes immediately and without resolving substantive legal proceedings,” the document states.

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