Moreno: “AlPaís and OD had differences in vision”

Moreno: “AlPaís and OD had differences in vision”

President of Alianza País (AlPaís), William MorenoThis Tuesday, it was reported that the breakup of that party and Democratic Choice (OD) happened because differences in visions, political culture, and working methods were evident.

“It seems that we lacked time in the pre-merger phase to discover and reconcile those differences,” Moreno said.

Country Alliance and Democratic Choice They announced their merger in August 2019, before elections to be held the following year.

Moreno confirmed that the separation between the two parties was adopted at a meeting of the political committee of El Pais on May 8.

Indeed, after a process, at that meeting of the Political Commissariat on May 8, we voluntarily decided to achieve the organic separation of both parties. I must say that it was a decision of great political maturity and that is why, as stated in the last paragraph of the disengagement agreement, the parties are obligated to promote mutual respect and maintain friendly relations.”

The political leader considered that any separation remains permanent, although he stressed that since last February, El Pais has organized a national campaign for the affiliation of new members.

“Any parting always remains, in this case also, valuable companions. But it is appropriate to say that since February 27 we have launched the National Membership Campaign, which means that every week dozens of Alliance battalions pass through neighborhoods and communities, significantly increasing the membership of Alianza Pais ” .

He also said that the separation agreement signed between Alianza País and Democratic Choice It shows the political maturity of both organizations.

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What affects the party most is the failure to solve its internal problems in a democratic way when they arise. The signed agreement reveals that both political formations had the maturity to separate organically so that each could act on the national political arena according to their own vision and methods. This will finally translate into greater strength and cohesion for each one,” he noted.

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