An invitation to think “together” to stop the battles that weaken the opponent’s space

An invitation to think “together” to stop the battles that weaken the opponent’s space

The first weekend of advocacy activity, with candidates in the field, left disappointments in the ranks of “Together” (for a change), after accusations of the leader of the Civic Alliance, Elisa Trolleys, reported on the candidate for the first deputy of the Civic Radical Union (UCR) of the Buenos Aires Province, Facundo Manes.

On Saturday, the coexistence of “Litus”, radicals and professionals squeaked before former deputy Chaki’s decision to appear in court to convict the neuroscientist of “moral damage”, calling it “a lie” and Manes “. mitmano”, for saying she had invited him to be a running mate for her candidate in the PASO presidential race, in 2015.

In the face of such “nonsense”, from a radical point of view, the head of the UCR, Alfredo CornejoHe urgently called a virtual meeting on Monday. It is a meeting that was scheduled for the following week, but Mendoza demanded an expectation of stopping the tension with the candidate from space, who has just made a leap in the political arena and is the symbol of the new Brotherhood and the leadership that the Centennial Party intends to confront the coalition.

Cornejo and the Radicals are in alliance with the Civic Alliance, and especially with Curry. But behind Lilita, they see Portillo’s prime minister in the background, Horacio Rodriguez Laretta, his deputy who became a candidate for Buenos Aires, Diego Santelli, encouraging the prestige character of the alien voter to undermine the positive image of the opponent.

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As for the radical, they are in PRO “nervous”. It happens that the September elections are the first a test The election of a possible candidate for Rodriguez Laretta for the presidency, in 2023, and for this he needs to combine space and other partners behind his army, represented today in the Battle of Buenos Aires, with Santelli at the helm.

All in all, Monday’s meeting, scheduled to discuss the points of the Code of Ethics and Coexistence, but also to stop the wear and tear or “inside noise”. Because, from Cornejo’s perspective, “You offend Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner”. In fact, there are polls that put the Todos front even 9 points above both combined exchange rate formulas.

The moral rhetoric that was leaked over the weekend by people from CC and PRO will also be up for debate in the hypothetical date called on Monday. The version promoted by these spaces places “not lying” as the first point, and assumes a commitment not to promote “unnecessary disagreements” with internal competitors.

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