An Israeli researcher grows chickpeas in outer space

An Israeli researcher grows chickpeas in outer space

Dr. Yonatan Weinitrup confirmed that legumes grow faster in space than on Earth.

Homs was successfully launched into space as part of an Israeli researcher’s experiment. It was thanks to technological advances in association with NASA that began in February. There, 28 chickpeas were sent to the International Space Station.

The idea was to study seed germination in outer space. Yonatan Winetraub, founder and CEO of Aviv Labs stated: “I am happy to announce that the experiment far exceeded our expectations. I am proud to announce that for the first time in history, chickpea seeds have been able to germinate and grow in space. It paved the way for a nutritious future in space, and later on the moon and even on Mars.”.

And added: “We set a number of goals for the experiment, including building a mini-greenhouse, which can be used for a trip to the moon using a dedicated test box. Germinating chickpeas in zero gravity and growing chickpeas in a jelly. A substrate for two weeks ».

White metal box with cooling units. Photo: NASA

The scientist called a young space enthusiast to help him with his project. Israeli students from 1,000 classrooms growing chickpeas in boxes that served as a control group to compare growth processes with gravity versus growth in space without it..

“Our chickpea seeds did not germinate successfully in space, with 26 of 28 strains specifically selected for chickpeas. But it also appears that the root growth rate in the early days was much faster than the growth rate in the soil. The growth rate also surprised us. We will continue to explore this in depth along with Along with the data we get from NASA and the seeds that will come back to Earth later.”Creator concluded.

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Today the plants inside the white metal box that were sent into space are being cooled down to be brought to planet Earth. This will be done in June.

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