Ana Guevara in 2008 denounced CONADE’s lack of support and wrongdoing

Ana Guevara in 2008 denounced CONADE’s lack of support and wrongdoing

Anna Guevara He is still singled out for controversial statements he made against Mexican Artistic Swimming Teamwhen pointing out that if they needed support they should choose “Sell Avon and Tupperware”, and in social networks they revived video to 2008 Where the former athlete condemns the lack supports to CONADE she has.

Through TikTok, a video where it appears Anna Guevara little deplores supports that you received from CONADE Despite the fact that at that time she was one of the best athletes in Mexico in athletics: she even stated that she submitted documents proving “anomalyMexican body.

“The system did not equal the same property rights with which I represented my country. I gave the Minister of Public Education the documents that showed anomaly located in CONADE And that still holds to this day.” Anna Guevara for Televisa in 2008.

Ana Guevara denounced that CONADE did not respond to the level of his results

Likewise, the former Mexican athlete lamented the little support from the sports organization towards her person. In the same way, he indicated at the time that he always sought that what happened in Mexico did not affect his performance on the tracks.

“The system did not respond as I expected, my commitment to the sport has always gone beyond everything that is happening today in Mexico, more ambitious and promising than what we have today in response,” he said. Anna Guevara on time.

At the moment, the file Mexican Artistic Swimming Team He won three gold and bronze medals in the last World Cup where the team stated that there was no kind of support from CONADE Nor the federal government, but that will now have the support of Tupperware: the brand of plastic containers with which he attacked Anna Guevara for athletes.

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