The United States has announced a new immigration plan with six striking changes

The United States has announced a new immigration plan with six striking changes

The US government has announced a new immigration plan that includes measures to end the illegal entry of immigrants into the country. In this way, the idea is to facilitate legal routes throughout the Western Hemisphere for asylum seekers to enter the country safely.

The highlights of this plan are found in the six relevant changes affecting migrants waiting for asylum at the southern border. However, these changes also apply to those who wish to enter the United States by land, air, and sea.

As it is known, Title 42 of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will be canceled on May 11th. Therefore, Section 8 will be implemented in its place and with it the changes mentioned above.

What does it mean to go back to Title VIII of the Immigration Act (INA)?

With this address, immigration officials interview immigrants and thus determine if there are reasons for a real fear of staying in North America.

If they decide they are not, urgent deportation action is taken. But, if they are, immigrants are sent before an immigration judge to be admitted into the country.

Other changes introduced by the new plan include a review of asylum applications and an accelerated deportation procedure. Thus, those who reach the southwest border and have no legal basis to stay are promptly processed and disposed of.

Through this expedited procedure, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will expedite the review of eligible immigrants. It will also do so with the expulsion of those who are not.

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To run trials, DHS has more capacity in new detention centers and more technology.


The third change is to increase weekly round trips and migration resources. In this sense, the Department of Homeland Security, in order to expel immigrants quickly, has expanded its air and ground transportation capabilities.

Likewise, migrants will be transferred to less crowded border sectors. This, in order to continue immigration control procedures.

For their part, flights to Cuba have been included in the exponential increase in clearance flights per week. So much so that the number of weekly flights will double or triple to some countries.

Another aspect is that the US government cooperates with foreign partners to crack down on networks that charge huge fees to immigrants.

Likewise, those who arrive at international airports in the region with the intention of illegally crossing borders will be deported with a penalty.

A fourth related change in this immigration plan is the opening of Regional Processing Centers outside the United States. This action allows Regional Processing Centers (RPCs) to be opened throughout the Western Hemisphere to facilitate access to legal channels.

In this sense, the first centers are expected to be in Colombia and Guatemala, as well as many countries in the region.

An appointment should be made by telephone to visit the nearest Regional Center (RPC) before you travel, and thus interview with immigration professionals. Those who qualify will be processed for legal pathways to the United States, Canada, and Spain.

More modifications

Another change is to give resources to frontier communities. Therefore, DHS will provide an additional $290 million in the coming weeks.

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It will also increase coordination among state and local officials and other federal agencies to provide more resources, technical assistance, and support.

Finally, the sixth change led to a fierce campaign against smuggling and criminal networks.

Here it must be made clear that human traffickers ramp up disinformation campaigns to take advantage of vulnerable immigrants before returning to Title 8. For this reason, diplomatic missions of countries throughout the hemisphere send accurate information on immigration laws in the United States.

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