Ancelotti defends Bale for criticism and reveals Welshman’s position: “He can not move”

Ancelotti defends Bale for criticism and reveals Welshman’s position: “He can not move”


Carlo Ancelotti He was quiet at the pre-Derby press conference The real Madrid Visit Athletes On the 35th in the Wanda metropolis Spanish League.

Mereng agreed that there will be changes in the coaching line-up, as well as other players already thinking Champions League Grand Final On May 28, in Paris, France, after winning the domestic competition.

Similarly, he mentioned the condition of some footballers who are suffering from injury Gareth Bale, Not even on the team at the celebrations of recent achievements. So sorry Carletto Welsh



“It’s very good, with some doubts, but we’ve got two days off. I’ll think about eleven tomorrow.

Bale is absent

“Everyone loves him. Not because he could not move (celebration). It happened to me, you can not move if your back is blocked. If he’s good, he trains like us. That doesn’t mean it’s far away, it’s immovable. “

I think of Paris

“All four league games are good for us because we can maintain the dynamics and rhythm of the game. We are going to play against teams that respect the competition and play more. We have to respect this shirt and we are going to give it our all.

Non-porch of Atletico

“Italians are not used to this. Everyone should do what they want and what they feel. We respect the athlete. This is a side club, dude, I really respect your coach and his fans. If they do it well, we do not respect it.

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The masonry is the best

“The first quality of this team is humility, there are no arrogant players here, it’s not a flaw because it helps sometimes, but it’s a team with humble players, no one will think they are more important than the other. They have that humble attitude every day when they play a little. Also, then, a lot of the weight of the shirt is calculated.

How much time does he have in Real Madrid?

“If all goes well, I’m in my 80s, and if I’m not crazy, I can think about stopping when I stop with Madrid. It’s hard to find a better club than this. I have a lot of things to do.

The best season of his career?

“If we win the Champions League, of course.”

Something bigger than the real thing

“I do not think there is a bigger club than Real Madrid, I think you have to end your long life at Real Madrid. It will end well. “

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