and curry? The decision the Warriors will make is with Klay Thompson

and curry?  The decision the Warriors will make is with Klay Thompson


After losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2023 NBA Playoffs, the Golden State Warriors will already have a decision on Klay Thompson’s future.

© Harry Ho / Getty ImagesClay Thompson.

Clay Thompson He is one of the main parts of the team Golden State Warriors. After the defeat in qualifiers with Los Angeles Lakersa team Stephen Curry He will decide what to do with this number NBA.

LeBron James and his company were responsible for the cancellation of the franchise from San Francisco So for the first time in an era Steve Kerrreturning from the postseason before NBA Finals.

In this way, Golden State appears to have many issues to solve, as stated by the coach himself. “These warriors will never win a championship.”said Kerr, who is already pressing the administration to change the case.

Some peace of mind was provided by Stephen Curry, who threatened them to compete again. However, for that, it seemed like they had already decided what they were going to do with the other cool character they had on the team, Clay Thompson.

Warriors Decision with Klay Thompson

According to Shams Sharaniya and Anthony Slater, two journalists from athlete, Warriors intend Tell Thompson to cut his salary If he signs a contract extension this summer. The upcoming season is your last current agreement and you are eligible to renew it before it begins.

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