Asensio never left the field and in the end it was Camavinga

Asensio never left the field and in the end it was Camavinga


Real Madrid defeated Getafe Thanks to the solitary goal from the Bernabéu Marco Asensio. The Balearic winger scored in the 70th minute and was picked off 15 minutes later Unloti To leave the field. however, Eduardo Camavinga He was replaced at the last minute due to injury.

Asensio Appreciated by merengue fans and Otriozola Entered the field. But the Madrid ’11’ never crossed the touchline. Because? Because he saw it Kamavinga He was unwell and sought medical attention.

The pictures leave no room for doubt. Asensio, before leaving the game box, pointed to the Frenchman, who was the one who went to the bench. Thus, the Spaniards remained on the field to play, although this has raised some doubts.

before that, Unloti He had already done four other types. Mendy, Hazard, Valverde and Ceballos gave way to Kroos, Vinicius, Modric and Mariano. with the input of OtriozolaMadrid has completed its changes and signings with a possible irregular alignment of the Merengue squad from various departments.

Some protest against improper alignment and the International Board Rules address this: “Substitutions are effective when the substitute enters the field of play; from that moment, the retiring player becomes a substitute, and the substitute becomes a player, so play may resume.”

however, Asensio Unable to completely leave the field, he kept chatting to the fourth official, who warned him that it was him Kamavinga He had to leave due to injury. Hence, Baleric’s replacement Otriozola It was transferred to the French. So the whistle Martinez Munuera did not make a mistake.

from Getafe They’re clear about it: they’re not going to condemn potential unnecessary alignment when they understand it Asensio Stayed in the field And, later, a French midfielder instead.

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