and that Laura Pozzo goes to prison for tax fraud in Mexico | people | entertainment

and that Laura Pozzo goes to prison for tax fraud in Mexico |  people |  entertainment

Now the controversial TV host has been linked by a judge who has been approved by Mexico’s public prosecutor’s office.

Laura Pozo has 48 hours to voluntarily present herself and enter Santiguito state prison, in the state of Mexico, after a federal judge tied her to a trial Wednesday for tax fraud of more than 12 million Mexican pesos (more than $600,000).

It was confirmed for Finance (Mexico) Judicial authorities, who have made it clear that if a presenter does not appear within the above period, a “hunt” will be initiated against her until she responds to the Mexican justice system.

It is not known whether the pozo, of Peruvian origin, is found in Mexico or abroad. In the latter case and if you do not go to court within two days, the International Red Card will be issued against you.

This was Wednesday when a federal judge issued an order linking him to the operation and ordered an unofficial preventive detention against the driver.

According to the authorities, although Bozzo was in negotiations with the Treasury to pay the said taxes, this agreement did not work out.

In fact, the woman decided to sell the property that she left as collateral, in addition, she did not give her address to the tax authorities.

Due to uncertainty about the payment, the Mexican tax authorities decided to file a lawsuit against him Pozzo could serve between 3 and 9 years in prison.

Bozo, who has already been in trouble with the law for several years, is expected to do so Go to prison under your own authority in the next few hours To not prove their permanent address, and to avoid flying hazards. It is known that three months ago, he positioned himself as a “defender of the poor” You have already requested an indemnity agreement to pay off the millionaire tax debt, in order to avoid going to jail, a fact that seems to be about to happen.

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